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Proudly Australian owned and operated for 20 years, we custom design and manufacture quality electric adjustable beds, mobility beds, healthcare beds and hospital home-care Hi-Lo beds and we also make 100% natural latex and Australian memory foam mattresses using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in our Adelaide based factory.

Our Range of Electric Adjustable Beds

Our ELECTROflex Adjustable Bed range are our premium electric adjustable beds. They are an advanced hybrid technology system, combining tension adjustable posture slats suspension system with an electric adjustable base. The suspensions adjusts to your follow the nature contour of your body.  Click here for more information on the ELECTROflex

Hospital Bed Long Single

Our Mildura electric adjustable massage is a solid base style bed that delivers indispensable comfort and luxury with an inbuilt vibration massager.  Independent head/foot features allows for the head to be lifted to any angle separately to the foot elevation with a touch of a button . Click here for more information on the Mildura E Bed

Queen Mildura Electric Adjustable Bed

Our Home Care Hi Lo Electric Adjustable Hospital Beds are made to meet the needs of high care patients or those requiring greater assistance transferring in and out of bed, without compromising on style. The heavy-duty steel design of the Home Care Hi Lo coupled with the Electroflex slated base system offers advanced support and comfort. Click here for more information on the Home Care Hi Lo.

A TV Bed is the ultimate in relaxation at the end of a long day. With a whisper quiet motorised TV lift, our TV Media Beds can come in any size, design, timber, fabric, colour and will hold from as small as a 25inch TV to as large as a 55inch TV. Click here to see more information on TV beds




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