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We Offer High Quality Homecare Hi Lo Beds

Finding a sleeping solution for aged care use has often meant choosing between comfort and looks. Fitted with metal bases, traditional hospital beds provided limited comfort for its users. They also looked out of place in the home environment. Homecare Hi Lo Beds will not only feel great, but look great too.

Here at Town and Country Mattresses and Beds, we have Homecare Hi Lo Beds (Hospital Beds) that has been cleverly designed to enhance comfort and can be custom made in any fabric required to suit the décor of the room.

Homecare Hi Lo Beds Are Made With The Highest Quality And Are Safety

When it comes to aged care, comfort and reliability are key, and having a mattress that can be shifted into different positions not only ensures relief for its users, but also control. Available in either single or double configurations, electric beds are ideal for those who require multifunctional versatility.

Our electric hospital beds offer a knee break function to maintain the occupant in a sitting position; the head position also inclines to ninety degrees.

The adjustable beds that we provide feature the following as standard:

– Lockable castors
– Posture slat tension and adjustable bases
– All motions controlled by a hand held remote control
– Electric hi-lo adjustment
– All beds can be upholstered in a fabric of your choosing

We are able to supply a memory foam mattress to accompany your bed, as well as the option for natural latex or inner spring.

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Comfort and control shouldn’t be a luxury. The aged or infirm should be able to enjoy both of these assets at once. When you browse the selection of electric hospital beds for sale at Town and Country Mattresses and Beds, you can be sure that your relatives and loved ones can enjoy ample physical support in the comfort of their own home.

For more information on any of the products on sale, reach out to Pete, Jenny or Ashika today on 1300 335 905 or 0411 709 583.

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Hi Lo Cobber Pedy



Click play to see Steve discuss benefits
of our Home Care Hi Lo Beds
Click play to see Steve discuss benefits
of our upholstered surround Home care Hi Lo beds

Twin homecare bed, both sides Hi Lo

upholstered Bed
twin upholstered homecare

Homecare Deluxe with TV Lift

homcare deluxe with tv bed
homecare small bed

Melbourne Electric adjustable Hi Lo Bed
melbourne electric adustable bedMelbourne electic hi lo bed

Yes we can personalize with a lovely Upholstered surround frame in fabrics of your choice to make it look like a normal conventional bed.

Leg-lifters for Beds
Click play to view these great Leg-lifters for Beds, for more information also please click here

Melbourne Electric adjustable Hi Lo bed

Yes we can personalise with a lovely Upholstered surround frame in fabrics of your choice to make it look like a normal conventional bed
Our Home Care Lift Beds can also be fitted to your existing bed as well. Please enquire

– Electric adjustable beds are gst exempt
– Manual Adjustable beds are gst exempt

Trendelelburg Beds

Our “Trendlenburg” homecare bed has additional tilt functions please see below.

This is only available with the Trendelenburg action, not our standerd home care actions.



The Melbourne Twin King or Queen Adjustable
Mattress included
(2 motors)
$3990. Electric lift extra.

Where your overall medical expenses for the year is above $1500 a 20% rebate may apply on your purchase of an Electric Adjustable Bed when lodging your annual tax return. Please check with your taxation advisor.

Please click here to see our Electrical Adjustable Beds without Hi-Lo function Yes Quantity discounts for nursing homes available.


Special Hi Lo bed with special surround custom made for disabled child with input from Occupational Therapist